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We sell custom pickleball paddles that meet USAPA standards at a factory price in bulk.

Custom pickleball paddle factory


Want to customize pickleball paddle? DinkPickleball can help develop your product and make it into a real one! We help you avoid the pitfalls to deliver the quality and value your custom pickleball balls need, on-time and on budget.

Brand Owners

Sourcing pickleball paddle for your brand? We’ve got a streamlined process for private label pickleball paddles! From custom style,  logo designing, and product packaging to even Amazon FBA prepping, we got you covered!


Looking to source hundreds of different types of pickleball products? We offer pickleball paddles, balls, accessories and so many more! We provide the best-personalized pickleball products to expand your business and grow your profits.

Pickleball Paddles Manufacturer

DinkPickleball company is one of the largest manufacturers of pickleball paddles in China. Our pickleball paddles are of good quality with official USAPA Specifications. Our customer base ranges from pickleball paddles sports brands, retailers, wholesalers, schools, clubs, event organizers, etc. Most of them prefer the custom pickleball paddle, so we have been well experienced in OEM/ODM pickleball paddle manufacturing. We provide the best personalized pickleball paddles to expand your business and grow your profits.

Elevate Your Business, Delight Your Customers

Boost your sales and keep your customers coming back for more with DinkPickleball's Pickleball Paddles. Benefit from our competitive pricing, bulk discounts, and unparalleled customer support, all designed to help you maximize your profits while delivering outstanding products to your clients. Choose DinkPickleball as your trusted partner and pave the way to a successful and thriving pickleball business.

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Edgeless Pickleball Paddles
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Composite Paddles
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Carbon Pickleball Paddles
Wholesale Custom Pickleball Paddles

How to Custom

Design & Consult

Our product manager will conduct a 1 on 1 consultation with you to understand your needs.


With a rich stock of paddle components & a team of skillful craftsmen, we can send a sample within 15 working days no matter how unique or complex your custom design is.

Customized Package

We provide packaging consultation and guidance based on your budget, brand identity, and market needs.

Production & Delivery

Once we complete the product inspection process, we will ship the order to your ASAP.

Highly Customized


Surface: Carbon Fiber/ Gtaphite, Fiberglass/ Composite. Core: PP, Nomex, Aluminum and wood.


You can choose our style. If you have custom style, please provide artwork with dimension or samples.


Common design indications for customizing your paddles. If you have a design, just email it to us for proof. 

Grip Ring

Your can print logo on the grip ring if you prefer, the bright colors add a touch of style to your custom paddle.

Edge Guard

Our commonly used color is black, other custom colors are welcome.

Handle Cap

Put your logo on the handle cap. We can print it with different methods.

Grip Tape

Our grip tape comes in a variety of colors to match different style.


You can customize the packaging of your brushes according to your style.

Why DinkPickleball

High Quality

High Quality Material and Advanced machine made first-class products

Supply Chain

10 years of experience to control products of stable quality with the highest standard.


As a top Manufacturer, we may serve more customers by accepting Low MOQ orders.

Great Support

Highly Satisfaction with a fast reply within 24 hours * 365 days. 7 years experienced Sales could communicate with you effectively.

OEM /ODM Available

Whether you want to have your logo printed on the Pickleball and Paddles or want to design it differently, we can help you.

Fast Delivery

Our strong productivity and rich experience in sales could guarantee the fast delivery of your order

USAPA Pickleball Paddle Testing

By conducting the same rigorous testing as USAPA before submission for certification, we significantly increase the likelihood of our paddles passing USAPA’s stringent standards. This preemptive strategy is a testament to our commitment to excellence and our dedication to providing players with the best possible equipment. Our approach ensures that when you choose our paddles, you’re choosing a product that embodies the highest standards of quality, innovation, and compliance. This commitment places us at the forefront of pickleball paddle manufacturing, making our brand synonymous with excellence in the sport.


Size Testing: Rigorous Adherence to Dimensional Standards

Paddle sizing testing is critical in ensuring all pickleball paddles conform to USAPA’s strict dimensional guidelines. Precise regulation of paddle dimensions is essential for fair play and consistency in the sport.

  • Strict Dimensional Criteria: The length of the paddle, including any edge guard and butt cap, must not exceed 17.0 inches. Similarly, the combined length and width should not surpass 24.0 inches, ensuring that no paddle exceeds the set size limits.
  • Detailed Measurement and Verification: Each paddle is meticulously measured for length and width, including edge guards. This process guarantees compliance with USAPA’s established size criteria, ensuring no paddle provides an unfair advantage.

The meticulousness of paddle sizing testing underscores USAPA’s commitment to maintaining the sport’s integrity and ensuring a level playing field for all players.


Roughness Testing: Precision in Surface Texturing

Surface roughness plays a crucial role in the performance of pickleball paddles. USAPA’s detailed testing ensures that paddle surfaces adhere to specific roughness parameters.

  • Critical Roughness Limits: The allowable roughness limit is set at no greater than 40 micrometers on average, ensuring the paddle surface does not overly influence the ball’s spin and speed.
  • Comprehensive Measurement Approach: Roughness measurements are taken across six directions on the paddle’s roughest area, as determined by a laboratory technician. This comprehensive approach ensures a consistent playing experience and adherence to USAPA’s stringent standards.

This aspect of testing is vital in preserving the game’s nature, focusing on player skill over equipment advantages.


Reflection Testing: Standardizing Paddle Surface Sheen

The Reflection Test is a vital component of USAPA’s paddle certification process, focusing on the paddle’s surface reflectivity to avoid gameplay disruption.

  • Reflectivity Limitations: The test evaluates the paddle’s gloss, with the highest permissible paddle gloss set at ≤ 80 GU. This ensures the paddle’s surface doesn’t produce excessive glare, which could hinder player performance or spectator enjoyment.
  • Methodical Testing Procedure: Three locations across the paddle surface are chosen at a 60-degree universal angle for reflectivity testing. This process ensures that the paddle meets USAPA’s reflectivity standards, contributing to a safe and fair playing environment.

Reflectivity testing is a crucial step in USAPA’s efforts to maintain player safety and uphold competitive fairness.

cof fixture

COF Fixture Testing: Evaluating Frictional Characteristics

The Coefficient of Friction (COF) fixture test is integral to assessing the paddle’s interaction with the ball, crucial for maintaining the sport’s balance.

  • Role and Limit of COF: The kinetic coefficient of friction is capped at ≤ 0.1875. This ensures the paddle doesn’t excessively grip the ball, potentially impacting spin and trajectory.
  • Targeted Testing Area: Testing is performed in the paddle’s approximate center or in any non-uniform area that may increase kinetic friction. This helps maintain the sport’s accessibility and enjoyment across varying skill levels.

Balancing the paddle’s friction properties through COF testing is key to keeping pickleball a sport of skill and strategy.


Deflection Testing: Assessing Flexibility and Response

The Paddle Deflection Test is critical in evaluating how a paddle responds under force, influencing the dynamics of gameplay.

  • Deflection Criteria: The average paddle deflection must be ≤ 0.005 inches, ensuring the paddle doesn’t excessively bend upon impact, which could unpredictably alter the ball’s speed and direction.
  • Precise Testing Method: The paddle is positioned on parallel blocks, and a standardized force is applied until a preload of 5.0-lbs is achieved. This test guarantees that paddles offer a consistent response during play, crucial for maintaining the sport’s integrity.

Paddle Deflection Testing is a testament to USAPA’s commitment to ensuring consistent performance and fairness across all levels of play.


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Wholesale Custom Pickleball Paddles

Our factory-direct pricing means you’ll get the best possible deal on your custom paddle. Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect pickleball paddle! Order your custom paddle today from DinkPickleball.

We will contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@dinkpickleball.com”

We will Contact you within 1 working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “@dinkpickleball.com”

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